Go Big or go Home!

The Allo tub is here



$34.99 CAD

Extra savings with the 325g Value Sized tub.
25 servings of your favourite protein powder to mix into your favourite hot beverages.

Boosting your protein has never become so easy. With Allo's versatility, you can add high quality protein to just about anything. Add it to your hot cup of coffee, hot tea, hot matcha, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal and so much more. Oh yeah, you can add it to anything cold as well, but keeping it hot is what makes us special.

Allo Tub
Nutrition Facts

The Allo Tub brings out the best of versatility and value. The Allo Tub makes it easy to instantly boost your favourite hot or cold beverage, and even cook with a high quality protein powder. Add a scoop of 10g to your favourite hot beverage, instant oatmeal, your pancake batter, or even your cereal. If you want to go BIG with 20g, simply add 2 scoops.

The Allo Tub makes it easy to instantly boost your protein intake.


0G Sugar


Peanut Free